Aroma Candles: A Must Have In Your Handmade Home Decor Collection

by adi kala

While candles have been a source of light since ages, aromatic candles have recently forayed our decor space.  Ancient people have used natural sources of fragrance. Eventually, the human brain has developed a technique. It is a combination of illumination and smell. Yes, it is celebrated as the aroma candles! 

We, at Adikala, offer beautifully handcrafted, hand painted aroma candles. They come infused with natural essential oils. The importance of aroma candles has led to their popularity. You can buy them online with us.

Importance Of Aroma Candles

Aroma candles have made a perfect place in our lives. From using them for aromatherapy to employing them as handmade home decor pieces, we suggest you do it all! They deserve some due recognition. And, that is what we are here to do, today. Let us introduce you to the importance of aroma candles in our lives:

Improve Concentration:

Just the sight of the candle can bring along a positive vibe. They contain healthy essential oils. And, their odor helps the mind to focus.

Help In Meditation:

The fragrance of lavender or jasmine works like music. Aroma candles with these fragrant essential oils relax the mind. And, even calm the body.

Help You Sleep Better:

The dim light from the aroma candle and its soothing smell can reduce the hyperactivity of the brain. Thus, reducing the anxiety levels. So, you can sleep like a baby. Spring back with full energy. You can even feel the mesmerizing effect on your brain the next morning .


Eight to ten hours of gazing at the laptop, or working on toes in the house can definitely drain your energy. Use the aroma candles for a beauty spa at home. The candles when placed around your bathtub can help to rejuvenate.

Boost The Immunity:

When your mind is healthy and less stressed, your body will automatically have a healthy immune system. It also results in an improved infection fighting capacity. Further, it leads to an improved heart rate as the anxiety and the stress are under control. It also betters your digestion process.

The olfactory effect can improve mental alertness. Moreover, it provides clarity to the mind. The essential oils in the aroma candles can activate the sensory system of the brain. The brain releases the happy feel good hormones. They are endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.


Aroma candles play a significant role during festivals, parties, romantic dinners, or for home decor. They lighten up the ambience and elevate the mood by giving a warm and cozy effect. They are available in different fragrances like jasmine, lavender, citrus, sage, and even mint. You can light them to boost your confidence and working capacity.

The light and the fragrance of an aroma candle can create a connection between what we are thinking and how we are feeling. Do explore our collection of hand painted glass jar aroma candles. They are definitely worth a try!