Beautiful Corporate Home Decor Gift Ideas

by adi kala

Perfect budget friendly and beautiful corporate gift ideas usually feature handmade gifts, or home decor items. They give a feeling of personal care and warmth. These handmade gifts show that the host has put in efforts to decide about the likings of the recipient. The personalized handmade gifts are valued more due to the efforts that are put in while selecting them. 

At least, we at Adikala, feel that doing so makes the employees feel more connected to the company. They are more eager to reciprocate the feeling of care by being more productive at work. The dedicated work will always help in the progress chart of any company.

Personalized Corporate Home Decor Gift Items

The personalized handcrafted items that can be gifted to employees are as follows:

  • Pen Holders

They can be customized with different sections for pens, pencils, staplers, or binder clips. These pen holders are a must-have accessory for office table tops that come in very handy for client work, or jotting down important tips of the day.

  • Clock 

Wall or table clocks can get gifted to remind your employees to keep themselves constantly energized. They serve as an assurance that each one in the office is together in happy and in needful times.

  • Lamp

Companies can gift decor items like lamps for Diwali bonanza to lighten up the lives of the employees. Small compact lamps can be useful for any indoor area - Be it office or home.

  • Tea Coasters

Tea coasters serve as the best table home decor accessories to protect your table from liquid stains. Moreover, they also assist in protecting your papers in the office area from water or tea droplets. These coasters even come handy as paper weights. The smiling happy faces painted on the coasters can brighten up your day just like how your coffee will do to you at work. Do explore our exclusive collection of wooden tea coasters or framed ones.

  • Wall Art Decor

Wall art decor include several forms of art - Madhubani paintings, Kalamkaari paintings, nursery art, statues, wall hangings, etc. You can even learn more about the availability of these art pieces on our website - These can be so calming for the office or home environment. The smooth finish of the paintings are eye-catching. One can get the name or logo of the company printed on the wooden base, too.

  • Digital Photo Frames

It serves as a digital display of the good memories that can make any workplace more like a home surrounded with buddies.

  • Aroma Scented Candles

They are simply beauty to the eyes. Plus, they provide healing effects to the brain and senses. These aroma candles can be a perfect decor item for the office area or top of any desk. Another corporate gift decor artifact!

The corporate gifts help in building a rapport with the employees and the clients. Building a trustful relationship with your clients and employees is necessary. Why? Because the business of the company flourish when both are happy!