Different Types Of Tea Coasters To Beautify Your Dining Room

by adi kala

Tea coasters are small objects that can edify the look of your dining table. They are not compulsory for a room. But, they are of great importance to protect the table from any stains from the water droplets or scratches from the cutlery put on the table. If you do not want your table to show leftover stains or dried marks, it is necessary to use coasters.

The well designed, handmade tea coasters, or personalized tea coasters add ethnic value to the dining table. Moreover, they attract a lot of attention. The handcrafted, painted, and framed tea coasters depict various forms of art. You can very much explore our collection of tea coasters online at Adikala.

Vivid Kinds Of Tea Coasters

The various kinds of tea coasters available online depend on the materials employed in their making.

1. Wooden Framed Tea Coasters

They are the most common type of tea coasters, which complement the furniture in the living room. They give a classic appearance to the interior of your house. Sheesham, teak wood, and mango are the best kinds of wood used to make beautiful pieces of personalized tea coasters. Wooden coasters add a generally handcrafted showing skill set and more personal touch.

They depict our heritage. Plus, they showcase animals and birds. Wooden coasters can be polished, or kept raw for a more natural look. The tea coasters can be bought online in sets of 2, 4, or 6. They are the eco-friendly decor items, which come in budget-friendly options. We can give you value for money deals.

2. Ceramic Tea Coasters

They are ideal for traditional interior dining area decor. The ceramic tea coasters are designed with traditional prints. The detailing of the engraved designs enhance the look of your table. The vivid colour-painted ceramic coasters are glazed, which provide a lavish look. The design is finely finished and accurate.

3. Glass Framed Tea Coasters

They are the perfect home decor items for modern interiors. The shiny transparent look of the glass tea coasters online leave an eye catching impression. They can be made with detailed cut designs. 

4. Marble Tea Coasters

The natural look of marble personalized tea coasters give them a unique appearance. They are carved into various floral patterns or shapes. They are the reminders of the ancient Mughal period. The heavy look and the natural streaks of the marble is a perfect addition to the tableware.

5. Teracotta Tea Coasters

Made up of clay, the terracotta tea coasters are made of unglazed ceramic materials. They are generally orangish brown in tone. The handcrafted floral prints are made from water resistant colours. These tea coasters are sturdy and durable. They give a mesmerizing, peaceful look to your house. They are perfect housewarming gifts also.

6. Concrete Tea Coasters

This type of tea coasters are unique home decor items with minimal designs made in concrete. They are durable designs perfect for a beverage base. They are corked on the bottom. Why? So that they do not harm the surface of the table.

They can be painted in different hues and colours or in the monochrome theme for an extravagant look.

7. Resin Tea Coasters

Resin tea coasters online are the most fancy ones, available in different patterns and colours to impress your guest. Resin can be molded in various shapes. Thus, they are in demand for decorating the home interior. The glossy or matte finish ones with the beautiful patterns are the available options. You can match them with your crockery set. They are basic in function and design. However, can attract anyone's attention.

To Conclude

When you look for tea coasters online, connect with us. We have a wide variety of tea coasters, depending on your budget  and current trends. And, the most important is your furniture look. You can use these tea coasters as a base for serving dishes, bowls, cups, glasses, and bottles. So, happy shopping!