Give A Sophisticated Makeover To Your Living Room With These Cushion Tips

by adi kala

Honestly, you can never find a sofa extravagant minus a trendy, classic or stylish cushion arrangement, right! And, since we are talking about your living room, cushions can be so much more than mere comfort essentials for such spaces. We at Adikala believe that they brighten up your space, making it look more vibrant. They also reflect your flair, to be precise. Further to this, they transform the whole aura that your interiors radiate. 

Moreover, it will not be wrong to term it as a refreshing technique of adding minute details here and there to your home furnishings, and after, decor. Thus, do not underestimate the power of these not-so-common and adorable little cotton filled square-shaped or other pillows of different shapes. They bring about a fresh breath of colours in your home. To up your cushion game, you may want to know how to organize and use them. Let us move ahead - The primary idea comprises blending them with the interiors in your living room. The activity shall help you achieve those ‘picturesque’ decor. To simplify the process, read on to discover what we have compiled for you! In the same direction, here is a list of 8 tips displaying some uniquely creative cushion arrangement techniques to make sure your home interiors end up screaming grace, humility and class!

Try To Get Your Cushions In Sync With The Existing Room Interiors

The decor looks extraordinary and state-of-the-art when you organize your cushion colours and intricate patterns in coordination with your space or living room’s existing interiors. Talking about the different colour tones to varied textures to economical prints, which are capable of raising the bars of excellence for your interiors, decors and furniture, cushions go far and beyond to better the look of your surroundings. To conclude, without stretching the point like a rubber band, cushions come in several varieties. And, whenever you decide on redecorating your house or a particular space with decorative ones and their covers, you may want to keep your interiors at the back of your mind to do so.

Let Your Cushions Display The Evolving Seasons

You may all agree that cushions have become those perfect home decor accessories that change the entire look of the space any day. To elaborate, we at Adikala, believe these get designed to transform and enhance the overall ambience to complement the feel and vibes of the ongoing season. For instance, if we talk about summer decor, our picks would be natural fabric oriented cushions with vibrant colours and soothing-to-the-eyes floral designs! On the other hand, our go-to choices for winters would revolve around some rich fabrics like velvet, a variety of silks, brocades and more, in darker than usual shades, which will radiate warmth and cosiness.  

When Decorating With Cushions, Focus On The Numbers

Can you identify what number of cushions will become too many cushions? Well, let us guide you through. The super basic rule of cushion arrangement suggests beautifying your sofa with an odd number of cushions. Let’s say you have a 2-seater sofa in your living room, so you should use three large ones! Similarly, a 3 or 4 seater sofa will call for five of them.  

Yet another possible way to add some spunk is to pair small cushions with the larger ones. That way, they shall not only occupy less space but also up the aesthetics of your sofa.  However, this being said, you may not want to follow such rules and thus, any number of cushions that suit your style and preference will do! It’s the vibe and design that matters.

Play With Different Cushion Sizes And Shapes

It is said that the size of the sofa or bed influences the number as well as the size of the cushions required. Generally, to style a 3-person sofa, we suggest using 50*50cm cushions. You may also want to experiment with a variety of shapes when it comes to these. You can go for the traditional square-shaped ones or can opt for rectangular, round, and oval. Also, you can mix and match the shapes and sizes and discover what works the best for you.

Mix And Match The Prints

Your versatile choices in the variety of cushion prints you choose from can better the décor instantly. If one set of such prints you opt for is subtle and finely detailed, the other one you go for can be bold and unique! This way, they will complement one another. 

Add Cushions To All Your Rooms

Don’t you feel that a coordinated set of bedsheets with cushion covers will be an excellent choice to crack up the dullness of your bedroom? To brighten up the master bedroom, we would recommend you cushion classics such as breezy hand-block prints or otherwise summer-friendly floral prints. On the other hand, you can experiment with some extra creative or funkier cushion ideas when it comes to your kid’s room. Something offbeat would be the cherry on the cake.

Ensure To Contrast While Styling With Cushions

Amongst other cushion cover decoration ideas, contrast is our personal favourite. Contrast has by far been the best idea to level things up. However, you may want to evaluate If your home décor or sofa set is neutral or soft-toned! In cases like these, you can choose vibrant, contrast blocks with horizontal and vertical lines to make them appear catchy.

Giving Your Existing Cushions A Makeover Is The New In

If you are an art lover, who is also fond of creating masterpieces, your next canvas is your cushions. All you gotta do is refurbish. Revamp your old existing cushions by giving them an exciting twist. For example, by adding sequences and crochet laces to the already printed cushion covers, and more. There will be several fun DIYs for cushions and their covers, to restyle and instil a fresh look to your space without burning holes in your pockets. 

So, to sum it up, are you all set to cushion it up? You may have understood by now that though cushions do not occupy a lot of your interior space, they form those minute details that can uplift the ambience and mood of the place when used correctly. You must consider cushions as the ultimate accessory to dress up your sofa, which will look incomplete otherwise.

Cushions are an effortless, quick but timeless and inexpensive way to transform your living spaces. So, gear up and implement these interior decoration tips for your cushions!