Home Decor Items You Must Own Before You Turn 30

by adi kala

We all must have heard by now that our home decor reflects our personalities and thoughts. The home decor accessories represent the comfort and a state of well-being in a home. And, this is precisely why we want you to buy home decor online with us at Adikala before you turn 30 years old.

Styling your home doesn't have to be expensive. And, as you age 30, you can enjoy a well-established career alongside these home decor products. These can be used to accessorize your home:

Indoor Planters

Accessorizing the home with floral arrangements or plants in indoor planters has always been the simplest yet most charming way. You can place the indoor planters or vases with the beautiful blossoms in any room. This type of  home decor item enhances the aesthetics. It amplifies the energy and vibes in the room. At 30, if you are smart enough to include it in your decor artifact collection, you are all set to vibe!

Paint The Canvas

Use wallpapers, posters, and personalized photo frames, and color your walls. Create a visual impact on your guests. You can also decorate them with handmade wall art decor. These home decor accessories can deck up your boring bland walls. Home decor artifacts like sculptures, idols, master pieces, and feng shui products can bring so much calm and beauty to your rooms. They have a meditative effect.

Mirror Effect

They are a must have in every house for dressing up. This handmade decor item can transform any wall into a style statement of the house. Use them for a vintage look.


You can employ the handmade decor items like rugs to revamp the living room. They enhance the look of the furniture, and add colour, warmth and a rich look.


The right kind of lights can bring out the details in every corner of your home. The visual effects can be enhanced by use of hanging lights, floor or  fixed table lamps, etc. Use of handmade decor like hand painted glass jar aroma candles can accentuate the looks of any space. Check out our collection.

Cushions And Covers

Dress your cushions with vibrant or solid coloured covers. Bring in the vibrance and brightness. Play with shapes and sizes around the sitting corner for a more relaxed and luxurious experience. You can browse through our series of cushion covers.

Bathroom Essentials

Upgrading soap dispensers, shelves or toiletry holders can give you a luxurious bathing experience. All 30 year olds enjoy a luxurious bathing experience.

Kitchen And Dining Home Decor Accessories

Use of framed tea coasters, unique cutlery sets, and chopping boards can make your cooking experience exciting.

Buy home decor accessories online at affordable rates. Small changes with use of home decor products can change the look of your house and other spaces. Explore our vast collections of home decor and own them as you age 30.