Indoor Planters Are A Perfect Addition To Your Home

by adi kala

Bringing in the air purifying greens in indoor planters adds nothing but a distinct charm to your home decor. The recent years have instilled in us the desire to become plant parents. We, at Adikala, promote nurturing indoor plants in handmade planters. While we all may not be good at gardening, there is no denying that planting a money plant or a snake plant brings along with it a refreshing style to your designer indoor plant pots.

In the same direction, if you are on the lookout for the best house planters, here are a few options that we have shortlisted for you to browse through. We firmly believe that the following list of home decor planters will showcase your plants in a unique way such that they will stand out. What's more in store? Our recommendations will suit every kind of budget. Let us together take your decor quotient a level higher. Go ahead and add these to your shopping cart now!

Let us begin!

Large Ceramic Planters

Our list starts with these huge-in-size indoor planters. Apart from their breathtaking ceramic appearance, you will fall head over heels with the way they contrast the green coloured plant within. Further, these come with a drainage plug installed. How does it help? Well, you may want to filter out the excess water and keep your plants hydrated to the required level. Additionally, these home decor planters are durable and resistant to frost and UV rays. 

Moreover, did you know that these are handmade planters made up of fibre stone? If not, then update your knowledge banks, please. They are. Lastly, they are lightweight, strong, modern and trendy. Indeed perfect pieces to spice up your interiors!

Deep And Round Cylinder Shaped House Planters

    You may not be able to find such perfect complementary accessories for your home decor. They can get employed as modern style planters that come along with multiple benefits. Plus, they are manufactured and sold in various colours and sizes to pair your greens in your living space. Also, these get made up of lightweight material. The designer indoor plant pots are sturdy and last for years and years. Moreover, they are sleek and contemporary full-depth, cylinder-shaped decor pots, which are also recyclable.

    Woven Handcrafted Planters

      These handcrafted, neutral-toned home decor planters happen to be an Adikala specialty. They get manufactured as intricately woven plant holders using sustainable macrame cords. Plus, they are flexible and stiff enough to hold their unique shape. Further, you may also want to use them as toy organizers or storage baskets, as well. They can get employed for display anywhere in the house. The handmade planters add a simple yet modern touch to your spaces. Indeed a sophisticated home decor planter to have! Use it in all scenes, such as your desk, shelf, living room, tabletop, bedroom, balcony, and so on. While these do not form pots per se, they come along with multiple uses, which we have already discussed earlier. Do not wait for long! Buy them now to add a bit of exotic tinge to your home.

      Self-Watering Indoor Planters

      These home decor planters work wonders in growing healthy spices, herbs, or even cactus-like succulents in your living space. These serve as deepwater reservoir pots that make the feature of self-watering accessible to all. They additionally offer adequate air circulation to your greens. Moreover, they take care of your beautiful floor, as well because these planter dishes come designed with studs. And, this way, placing them prevents staining of the floor. You can use them both indoors and outdoors.

      Wall Hanging Planters

      You may want to hang these house planters on your home walls. They serve the best in growing healthy succulents, small cacti, faux plants, air plants and much more. They qualify as modern-day, trending indoor planters that have attractive geometric designs. Don't you find them unique? Well, we recommend these for larger spaces to up your home decor planters game. Given their sizes, they fit anywhere you want. Further, these are made of durable ceramic material, which is of relatively high quality.

      Now, you have it all figured out. These are the best indoor planters that we could list out. Not only this, but they are sure to make the slow, sustainable life a success! Begin your journey of going all green with us at Adikala. We bring you a variety of handcrafted planters in woven fabric, metal, and even ceramic to choose from, in general. Any indoor planter will bring out the best of the gardener in you.